What We Do, Why Choose Links?

Links Website Design strives to be a web design and online marketing force that delivers extraordinary solutions from the smallest brochure website to the complex Ecommerce application.  We pursue long term relationships, providing consistent, focused customer support.

We’re real people who want the same thing as you.  We want to make your products and services successful; make your brand stand out against the competition; increase sales; and offer you a positive return on investment.

Have questions?  Here are a few most common ones…

  • Is my business or organization ready for a new website?
  • My competition comes up online before my website, what can I do?
  • My website does not give me a return on my investment, how can I change that?
  • Getting changes done on my website is beyond difficult, can you help?

What Links Values

1. Integrity.

Integrity, this word defines us at Links Website Design & Online Marketing. We are honest, have strong moral principles, whole and complete. We use processes that encourages effort and teamwork. To us, keeping one’s word, being truthful, treating everyone fairly, punctuality and never faltering in what we believe, make us who we are. Integrity enters into every aspect of our business. This allows our customers to trust us from the first contact, to the launch of their website and then fostering a long term relationships with us.

2. Excellence.

We define excellence as “the quality of being outstanding or extremely good at one’s gifts and abilities”. We strive for excellence; with every contact made with our clients and their projects. In order to achieve this, we are passionate about learning, growing and applying ourselves in all areas of website design. We strive to create results that make a difference and bring success to our clients. Teaching clients about how a website should look, function and give the ROI. If our clients are not successful, then we are not successful.

3. Passion.

Customers may notice during the process of working with Links Website Design & Online Marketing, the word “passion” comes up often. Everyone at Links has a passion for seeing great web design and seeing a job completed successfully. What makes employees of Links Website Design & Online Marketing unique is that each person is passionate about what they do and how they do it.

4. Diligence.

At Links, we are not satisfied with just getting a job and finishing it as soon as possible. We take our time to ensure that each and every client is 100% happy with the entire process from design to launch. We strive to be as thorough as possible in the web designing process. We are each very skilled and knowledgeable about our jobs, so we are thorough in performing our tasks. The Links Team checks over each other’s work, offers feedback before ever reaching our clients. We want to make sure that when our job is complete, it is done correctly.

5. Relationships.

We value our clients. We take our business and yours very seriously. At the end of the day, life is more important than simply making more money. Our investment in helping YOU, nurturing YOU and building lasting relationships with YOU is as important to us as our financial goals. To sum it all up: We build relationships, then web sites; in that order.

Links Core Culture

Be creative. Be ethical and honest. Deliver the best value. Keep our promises to our clients. Be customer oriented. Build long, lasting relationships. With this we build the foundations to our relationships with our clients.

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